Intel® Deep Link Technology

Harness the power of Intel® CPUs and GPUs to unleash new levels of performance and efficiency with Intel® Deep Link technology. Pair select Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® Arc™ graphics, and reap the benefits enabled by Intel Deep Link technology across a variety of workloads.

Dynamic Power Share: Intelligent Performance Boosts²

Dynamic Power Share intelligently routes power between the CPU and GPU enabling a performance boost for your task. A unified power envelope governed by a smart algorithm allocates power between your Intel Core processor and your Intel® Arc™ graphics– whichever needs it most. From gaming to creating, Dynamic Power Share ensures that your laptop is running at maximum performance at all times.

Stream Assist: Take Back Gaming PerformanceÂł
With Stream Assist, get optimized gaming performance from Intel® Arc™ graphics by offloading heavy streaming workloads to secondary engines in your system. Free up your dedicated graphics to push out maximum frame rates, while offloading streaming and capturing tasks such as Virtual Green Screen, Auto-Frame, Sharp Stream, and Auto Game Highlights to Intel integrated graphics on Intel® Deep Link compatible desktops and laptops.

Hyper Encode: Less Time Waiting, More Time Doing

With Hyper Encode, spend less time waiting for your project to export and maximize your creative momentum. It’s all made possible by the multiple media engines found on the Intel Core processor and Intel® Arc™ graphics working in conjunction inside your laptop or desktop system.

Hyper Compute: Accelerated Multi-GPU Creation

Stay ahead of the curve and equip yourself for the future of multi-GPU content creation with Hyper Compute. Accelerate video and image workloads even quicker by intelligently leveraging multiple compute engines as well as AI accelerators such as XMX engines, found exclusively on Intel® Arc™ + Intel® Core™ systems.